Are you on the lookout for the next step in your career? Does working within an international, dynamic team, with up to 3-4 days remote per week sound like something you’d enjoy? Write us, and let’s see if it’s a match!

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Digital & Content Marketing

We are looking for a creative Digital & Content Marketing Intern to join us in offering excellent services and implementing top performing online marketing campaigns for our clients.  The position for someone who...

Is really into marketing and understands
what this subject is all about

Is empathetic and has experience in
Client Service / Customer Success Management
/ Client Relations

Is a well-organised person, and knows
how to prioritise

What We Offer

A feel-good work environment, where you will be encouraged to take the lead and own your work and projects - as well as get recognition for your success

A flexible working schedule

A role in which you will be able to rapidly and continuously grow & develop professionally

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